Hydrating Volumizing Shampoo

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The Abbyssian's Hydrating Volumizing Shampoo is a natural, silicone-free daily shampoo inspired by the Japanese Yu-Su-Ru rice water ritual. This formula maintains moisture, adds volume, and supports healthy growth with botanical extracts, rice protein, palmetto, and ginger. It lifts hair at the roots without residue, promoting strong and resilient growth. Additionally, our formula utilizes rice proteins to enhance thickness and Saw palmetto to reduce shedding. Sulfate and quat-free, it offers gentle care with 99% natural and plant-based ingredients.

Usage Instructions:
Apply a walnut-sized amount on wet hair, rubbing it between your palms and then directly onto your scalp, distributing it from roots to ends. Rinse thoroughly and for optimal outcomes, proceed with the Hydrating Volumizing Conditioner.