Facial Treatment Mask Deluxe Set (2 x 10 pcs) (EXP 10/24)

S$330.00 -25.00% S$440.00



Indulge in a moment of self-care, but anticipate remarkable outcomes – your skin will be drenched in deep hydration and immediate radiance, all achieved in just 10 minutes. Infused with our exclusive ingredient, PITERA™, this product promises tangible and instant results, commencing the process of rejuvenating your skin, repairing the effects of years of resilient, visible skin barrier damage, which is often a significant contributor to early signs of visible aging.

Usage Instructions:
Gently apply the mask to your face, allowing it to remain for 5-15 minutes for the essence to be completely absorbed into your skin. Afterward, remove and dispose of the mask, and then massage the residual essence into your skin. If desired, you can also wipe off or rinse away any excess residue.